Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Free Up Memory Space On A Computer

Free Up Memory Space on a Computer

A computer often becomes boggled down by too many programs and files. A lack of memory space will cause problems with your computer, including a slower running speed. From time to time, you will need to free up memory space on your computer.


1. Delete unused program files. This is the easiest way to free up the most memory. If you have programs that you no longer plan to use, get rid of them.

2. Get rid of any files that you do not need. If your computer is overburdened by word processing, music and movie files, remove them from your computer.

3. Clear out any downloads. If you have a lot of picture and other downloads that you do not need, get rid of them. This will free up a large amount of space on your computer. Remember to empty out your recycle bin after deleting files and downloads.

4. Run a disk cleanup. To do this on Windows, go to the start up menu and go under the "Accessories" tab, then "System Tools" and click on "Disk Cleanup." This will allow temporary Internet files and start up files to be removed.

5. Remove cookies on your hard drive. Deleting cookies, information that websites store on your computer, can free up memory space.

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