Monday, 16 February 2015

Replace A Power Supply In A Dell Computer

Your computer's power supply unit (PSU) routes electricity from the power cord to the various parts of the computer. It is located at the upper left corner of the desktop tower. While power supply units usually last for the life of the computer, you may need to replace one due to mechanical failure, physical damage, or wanting to upgrade. You can exchange an old power supply for a new one by following these steps.


Exchanging Power Supplies

1. Power down the computer. Unplug it from the electrical socket. Disconnect all devices and the power cord.

2. Remove the tower unit's side panel. The side panel is attached on back with a large, silver bolt. Loosen it and slide the panel towards the back of the computer. The panel has a notch in the side to use as a handhold.

3. Lay the computer on its side (opening on top). This will make it easier to see inside and keep the power supply from dropping once you disconnect it.

4. Touch a different metal surface to get rid of any static electricity on your hands before working inside the computer.

5. Before you disconnect anything, look around inside. Some models have a protective plastic covering over the power supply that you will need to swing out of the way. Use the flashlight if needed. You will see a nest of multicolored wires with white connectors on the ends leading out of the power supply. By following these wires, you can see which part each is attached to. Note where everything is connected. Make a list with the pencil and paper if needed. Don't feel the need to use technical terms for where everything is connected; note it in a way that you will understand.

6. Look at the new power supply and familiarize yourself with where each connector will go.

7. Remove the old power supply's white connectors from your computer parts. You may have to pull some of them firmly, but don't yank them loose.

8. Unscrew the power supply at the back of the tower. Once you have detached the unit, lift it out.

9. Place the new power supply inside and use the screws to secure it in place. You can verify that it is oriented correctly by making sure the fan is behind the perforated opening on the back of the computer.

10. Attach the new power supply's connectors inside the computer.

11. Slide the side panel back into place and reattach it with the bolt.

12. Reconnect your computer devices---you may just want to reconnect the bare minimum (monitor, keyboard, mouse) until you have verified the new power supply is working.

13. Reinsert the power cord and turn the computer on. Once it has powered up successfully and run for a few minutes, hook the rest of your devices back up.

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