Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Install An Intel Pd 940 Processor In An Athena 5 Motherboard

The Intel PD 940 series processor is part of the Pentium Intel family low-power 95 W performance processors. This series of processors utilizes a ZIF, zero impact force, motherboard socket to allow for relatively easy processor installation. This specification of motherboard processor socket is the most widely manufactured processor socket type. Due to this, it is important that any computer owner have a firm understanding of this type of processor installation.


1. Locate the ZIF processor socket on the motherboard. Traditionally this is located in the upper left corner of the motherboard toward the I/O (Input/Output) components that feed out the rear of the motherboard chassis.

2. Locate the processor socket locking arm and lift it so that it is perpendicular to the face of the motherboard.

3. Insert the processor pins down so that the pins on the processor match the holes in the ZIF processor socket. The processor and socket are keyed so the processor may only be inserted in one orientation.

4. Lower the processor socket locking arm to secure the processor into the socket housing.

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