Friday, 27 February 2015

Repair A Wire Harness

Repairing a wire harness is sometimes necessary, given the delicate wiring.

Repairing wire harnesses normally revolves around replacement of damaged pins or wiring. Given that the harness shell is typically very durable, the weakest part of the harness is the spindly wiring and pins. Fortunately, repairing a harness is made easier with the availability of tools specifically designed for the job. Repairing the harness is a multistep process, the result of which is a fully functional and potentially customized installation accessory.


1. Insert the pin removal tool into the harness, surrounding the pin slated for removal.

2. Depress the plunger on the tool, pushing back the barbs. Simultaneously, pull in the wire behind the harness to remove the wire and pin.

3. Cut a length of primary wire to match the length of the removed wire or the other wires in the harness. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from one end of this wire.

4. Slide the Molex pin connector over the wire. Center the lower insulation crimp 2mm below the bare wire. Crimp this using the Molex crimp tool. Attach the conductor crimp onto the wire using the same tool.

5. Insert the pin connector from the back of the harness until the barbs pop into the shell. Repeat the process for any other pins or wires requiring repair.

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