Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Install An Ethernet Controller On Windows Xp

Ethernet cable

An Ethernet controller, also known as an Ethernet card, is necessary for a desktop computer to be able to connect to a cable DSL Internet connection. If you do not have it installed yet in your computer or your old Ethernet controller is already malfunctioning, you need to install new Ethernet hardware and make sure that its driver, if necessary, is also properly installed.


1. Shut down your computer and ensure that cables attached to it are not connected to a power source. Unscrew the outer casing of the computer to expose the motherboard and its components.

2. Locate a "PCI slot" by reading the labels written on the motherboard. The label should be right beside the slot where you will install the Ethernet controller.

3. Place the Ethernet controller on the PCI slot so that it follows the correct "pins". Push the hardware to the slot so that it is firmly positioned on the slot. Tightly secure the hardware with screws if it is necessary.

4. Cover the computer system with its case once again and secure it with screws. Turn on the computer and see if the hardware is working.

5. Navigate to "Device Manager" to see if the hardware is detected by the computer. Click "Start" and load the "Control Panel." Click "System" and then "Device Manager." Look for "Ethernet Controllers" or "Network Adapters." If you do not see any yellow or red marks, your hardware installation was successful.

6. If you see a yellow exclamation point, it means that you have to install the driver of the Ethernet controller. Place the software disc or CD installer on the optical drive (CD/DVD-ROM) and follow the on-screen instructions until you finish the installation process. Restart your computer.

7. Test your Ethernet controller by connecting to the Internet. Turn on your modem and attach one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem and another end to the "LAN" (Local Area Network) port of your computer. If the computer detects Internet connection, your Ethernet controller is up and running.

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