Friday, 6 February 2015

Replace A Motherboard On An Hp Pavilion Laptop

Replace a Motherboard on an HP Pavilion Laptop

Laptops provide great convenience because of their small size and portability, but those features can become a real pain when you have a part that needs to be replaced. If the motherboard goes out on your HP Pavilion laptop, you can replace it on your own at home, but the cramped quarters and small parts can make it a very challenging endeavor.


1. Power off your Pavilion laptop and remove the power cable. Flip the laptop over and press down on the raised knob on the battery cover. Push the knob away from you and then use your other hand to pull out the battery. Set the battery aside and turn the laptop back over. Open the lid so that the screen is up and facing towards you.

2. Slide the screwdriver in-between the two edges of the large plastic bezel piece above the keyboard on the bottom half of the laptop. Pry the plastic bezel upward. Remove the cable connected from the plastic piece to the motherboard and set the piece aside. Remove the screws holding the hinges in place that connect to the top half of the laptop. Pull the hinges out.

3. Remove the screws that are holding the keyboard and then pull the keyboard off. Pull out all of the cables that are connected to the other components such as the USB port, the hard drive and the wireless card (if your Pavilion has one).

4. Remove all of the remaining screws that are holding the motherboard into place. Carefully pull the motherboard out.

5. Place the new motherboard into the laptop case and re-attach all of the screws. Connect all of the cables back into place and then re-attach the keyboard, hinges and plastic bezel. Pop the battery back in and turn the laptop on.

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