Monday, 9 February 2015

Repair A Nintendo Ds Lite Slot1 Card Socket Reader

Repair a Nintendo DS Lite Slot-1 Card Socket Reader

The Nintendo DS Lite handheld game console uses a card slot to play games. The games are inserted into this slot and the unit reads them. It's possible for the card slot, which is attached to the motherboard, to become loose. If this is the case, you can open up the DS and use a soldering iron to fix the problem.


1. Turn off your DS Lite and turn the unit over. Remove the screw holding the battery compartment in place, remove the compartment cover, and remove the battery.

2. Remove all screws on the back of the DS Lite and set them aside.

3. Pry the back panel gently off of the unit to expose the motherboard inside. The card slot will be in the center of the motherboard.

4. Plug in your soldering iron and wait a moment for it to warm up. Solder any loose connectors on the sides of the card slot to their ports on the top of the motherboard.

5. Wait a few moments for the solder to dry and reverse the steps for reassembly.

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