Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Flash The Bios With Winflash On An Ecs Ka3 Mvp

The ECS KA3 MVP motherboard features support for AMD socket AM2 Athlon 64 processors, eight-channel high-definition audio, dual LAN connections and provisions for overclocking the system. The WinFlash utilities that come with the BIOS update file package from the ECS website allow you to conveniently update your computer's BIOS from the Windows operating system. Flashing your computer's BIOS using the WinFlash utility will remove the need to directly enter the motherboard's built-in utility program.


1. Navigate to the ECS support web page (the link can be found in Resources below). Click on the "Download" tab, followed by "BIOS."

2. Scroll through the list of available BIOS revisions displayed on the screen and click on one of the download sources under your chosen BIOS revision. Save the ZIP file to your computer's desktop when prompted. Uncompress the downloaded file using a ZIP file decompression software.

3. Click on the "winflash.exe" file extracted to your computer's desktop and allow the program to load.

4. Click "File" followed by "Open." Choose the extracted BIOS file located on your computer's desktop and click on the "Open" button to load the file into the WinFlash program. The updated BIOS file for your ECS motherboard will feature a ".BIN" file name extension.

5. Mark the appropriate check-box options labeled under "Update Options." Mark all of the check-box items under "Update Options" if you wish to perform a complete BIOS update.

6. Press the blue "Update" icon located on the lower left-side of the program window to begin the BIOS flashing process. After the flashing process completes, confirm that you wish to reboot your computer system.

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