Monday, 9 February 2015

Replace The Power Switch On A Toshiba S103 Laptop

Replace the power switch on a Toshiba S103 laptop if it has been victim to wear and tear, and does not function properly. Replacing the switch can also be a means of troubleshooting other problems. If the laptop does not switch on, then a new power switch may fix the problem.


1. Unplug the laptop from the mains power source. Detach the battery from the laptop by sliding the catch underneath and pulling out the battery. Do not attempt any of the remaining steps while the battery is still in, or while the computer is plugged in.

2. Turn the laptop upside down, and use the screwdriver to undo all of the screws on the underside. Keep the screws somewhere that they will not be lost.

3. Turn the laptop the correct way up, and carefully use the screwdriver to jimmy up the strip found above the keyboard. You may have to use a flathead screwdriver for this. Undo the screws that are underneath the plastic strip.

4. Lift the keyboard out by jimmying it gently out of position with the screwdriver. Lift the keyboard out of position, being extremely careful not to break the cable that holds the keyboard to the motherboard.

5. Loosen the top and bottom sections of the laptop from one another. Detach the cable from the power switch and remove. Insert the new power switch and reattach the cable. Place the keyboard back in, and tighten all the screws. Reattach the plastic strip and click it into place. On the underside, reinsert the screws and ensure that they are tight. Insert the battery and switch the laptop on.

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