Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Install A Lucent Win Modem

One of your motherboard's slots must match the modem's connector.

The Lucent Win Modem has a long and complicated history. Lucent spun off a portion of its business, including its dial-up modem technologies, to Agere in 2002. In 2007, Agere merged with LSI Logic. Due to the number of changes and the age of the Lucent-branded modem chipsets, it can be difficult to find compatible drivers for your Lucent Win Modem. The age of the chipset means that you must have Windows XP or an earlier version of the Windows operating system to install the Lucent Win Modem. Your Lucent Win Modem will be either an ISA or PCI card, and your motherboard must have a matching slot to accommodate the card.


1. Shut down the computer. Remove all cables and devices from the computer.

2. Remove a side panel of your computer. Remove any screws or manipulate your case's latches. If you are unsure of remove the side panel, consult your case or computer's documentation.

3. Attach the anti-static wrist bracelet's clip to a metal object and fasten the bracelet to your wrist.

4. Examine your Lucent Win Modem. Match it to a matching ISA or PCI slot on your motherboard.

5. Unscrew the slot cover screw and remove the slot cover from the motherboard.

6. Line up the modem's pins (the gold part on the bottom that fits into the motherboard) with the slot. Make sure that the sections of the pin align with the slot's sections.

7. Insert the card into the slot. Do not force the card. If you have problems inserting the card, remove it, realign it and try again.

8. Secure the Lucent Win Modem by screwing in the slot cover screw.

9. Replace the side panel. Screw in any screws you removed earlier or fasten loosened latches.

10. Reattach all power cables and peripheral devices. Boot up the computer.

11. Allow Windows to recognize the new hardware and install the drivers. Close the "install new hardware" program if Windows cannot find drivers, then double-click on the drivers package you downloaded to complete the Lucent Win Modem installation.

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