Monday, 16 February 2015

Install A Sound Device & Speakers For Windows Xp

Sound card installation in three easy steps.

Installing a sound card device and speakers into Windows XP is a multistep process that takes basic computer knowledge to perform. In most cases, sound devices will consist of a physical card or module with overlaying drivers or software that you will need to install. Depending on your sound device, the process may vary slightly. The most complicated part involves installing the physical sound card into the computer. When installing hardware into the computer, it is important to be careful to prevent damage to the components.


1. Shut down the computer and remove the power cable from the wall outlet to prevent the risk of electrical shock. Remove any speaker cables connected to the computer. Remove the computer side panel by either unscrewing it or by releasing the clamps holding it into place. Before touching your hardware, touch something metal to ground yourself and prevent static from damaging the parts. Locate a free PCI slot to install the sound card in. PCI slots look like long beige clips coming out of the motherboard. If you have a pre-existing sound card, remove it by unscrewing the back plate and pulling it out of place. Next, insert your new sound card into the PCI slot and screw the back plate into the computer case. You may first have to pop out a metal placeholder clip on the back of the computer case for your sound card to fit into the PCI slot. Reconnect the computer side panel and power cables.

2. Install your new speakers by connecting the cables to the back of your sound device. Depending on your speakers, the type of connector cables may be different. If you are not sure what slots to plug your speaker cables into, refer to your sound card manual. After the speakers are connected, make sure that you turn them on if they are not automatically on. Generally, a light indicator shows whether your speakers are working correctly and receiving power.

3. Turn on your computer and allow Windows XP to load. Insert your sound device installation CD into the CD-ROM. After the installation wizard has launched, follow the instructions to complete the installation. In some cases, you may be required to restart your computer. Some sound devices may also be plug-and-play and will require no sound drivers or software.

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