Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Flash The Bios From A Flash Drive

The dynamic flash drive

You can flash your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) by using a ready-to-boot USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drive. Flashing or upgrading your BIOS can help improve its stability and enhance your computer's ability to detect newer devices and components. Before you start copying the BIOS flash upgrade files to the flash drive, make certain that it has several megabytes of space available to store the files.


1. Prepare your computer for the BIOS flash. Consult your motherboard manual for information about the BIOS. You will need to know the manufacturers name and the model number. If you don't have this information, boot up your computer and during the POST (Power On Self Test), write down the version number of the BIOS. Browse the Internet and search the manufacturer's website to get information about your motherboard.

2. Download the latest version of the BIOS flash upgrade from the manufacturer's website. Make certain that it is the right BIOS for your system. The file should contain the Flash Utility file, upgrade data file and Readme file. Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Insert the flash drive into the USB port located on the back of your computer. If this is your first time using the flash drive, Windows will display a message that says, "New hardware found." Follow the on screen instructions for the new device. Windows will show the device as a "Removeable Disk" with a drive letter assigned to it.

4. Press the "Start" button on the taskbar. Highlight and click "My Computer" from the "Administrator" menu. Locate the drive letter for the flash drive. You will need to format the drive. If there are any files on the drive that you want to keep, move them to another storage location. Then, right-click on the "Removeable Disk" icon and select "Format" from the shortcut drop down menu. Click the "Start" button to begin formatting the flash drive.

5. Copy the BIOS flash upgrade files to the flash drive. Then, restart your computer and enter your BIOS by pressing the "Delete" or "F12" key. Locate the "Advanced BIOS Setup" or "Boot" menu. Make certain that you adjust the settings, so that your computer boots from the flash drive. Save your settings and exit the BIOS.

6. Restart your computer again, and wait for the BIOS flash update to finish. Don't restart or turn off your computer during the update. You will be prompted when the flash has finished.

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