Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Flash The Bios On A Gigabyte Board

Gigabyte motherboards, like most modern computer motherboards, use flash memory to store the BIOS data. The flash memory chip is more technically known as an electronic EPROM or EEPROM chip. Updating the BIOS on the motherboard allows computer users to keep the motherboard hardware compatible with the newest operating systems. This allows the motherboard to keep up with the newest technology for a longer period of time. Electronically transferring the updated BIOS file onto the Gigabyte motherboard is accomplished by flashing the EEPROM chip on the board using a special utility program called Q-flash.


1. Go to the Gigabyte website (see link in References). Click "Support and Downloads" on the top menu. In the search box under "Downloads" enter the Gigabyte motherboard model name. Click the "Search" button.

2. Find the most current BIOS file by selecting the most current BIOS date for the correct motherboard.

3. Save the BIOS file to a USB flash drive or external hard drive.

4. Restart the computer. Keep the USB flash drive or external hard drive with the BIOS file attached to the computer.

5. Press the "end" key as soon as the computer shuts down and starts to reboot. The Quick Flash BIOS utility program, also known as Q-Flash, will open.

6. Use the arrow keys to select "Update BIOS from Drive." Press the "enter" key.

7. Use the arrow keys to select the drive containing the BIOS file.

8. Select the BIOS file and press "Enter."

9. Allow the BIOS to update. Do not turn off the power or remove the USB flash drive or external hard drive during the update.

10. Press any key to return to the Q-Flash main menu. Press the "Esc" key then the "Enter" key to exit Q-Flash and reboot the computer.

11. Press the "Delete" key while the computer is rebooting to load the BIOS setup utility.

12. Use the arrow keys to select "Load Optimized Defaults" and press the "Enter" key. Press "Y" and the "Enter" key when prompted to load the defaults.

13. Use the arrow keys to select "Save & Exit Setup." Press the "Y" key to save the BIOS settings and exit the utility program. The computer will restart with the new version of BIOS flashed to the motherboard.

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