Thursday, 12 March 2015

Find Out What Kind Or Motherboard You Have On Windows 7

The motherboard is a vital computer component that houses all of the chips and cards connected to the computer. The type of hardware you're able to connect to the computer, such as the graphics card and RAM, are entirely dependent on the specifications of the motherboard. Because Windows 7 cannot tell you the name or type of motherboard installed, you need to use a system benchmarking program to find out this information. These programs, which are generally free of cost, display the manufacturer name, model and exact version of the motherboard.


1. Download the system benchmark program you want to use to the Desktop.

2. Double-click the EXE file to begin the installation. Certain programs, such as CPU-Z, don't require an installation and will start immediately.

3. View the motherboard information. Some programs display this information immediately as you open the program, while others require you to click a "Motherboard/Mainboard" tab.

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