Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Install An Activcard Usb Reader V2 0

Install an ActivCard USB Reader v2.0

An ActivCard reader is a device that connects to your computer and scans the contents of a personal card, such as a shoppers card or a drivers license. This is helpful if you need to make a copy of your license for personal records or work in a business that requires an ID scan. The ActivCard USB Reader 2.0 is compatible with computers that have USB 2.0 ports installed.


1. Connect the cable running from the back side of the ActivCard USB Reader 2.0 to an available USB port on the computer. Although the device is made to work with USB 2.0 ports it can connect to USB 1.0 ports; the data speed, however, is lower on 1.0.

2. Insert the driver installation disk into the computer. Wait for the driver installation wizard to launch. Follow the prompts that consist of installation location and file size; finish the installation. Leave all the prompts as the default settings. If you change these settings the computer may have trouble finding the driver later.

3. Remove the driver installation disk and insert the software installation disk (if provided).

4. Read through and accept the license agreement by checking the box next to "Accept." Like the driver installation disk, follow the prompts but leave them as the default settings. Click "Install" and the software will be installed. Once complete, you can begin using the ActivCard USB Reader 2.0

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