Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Format When The Computer Boots To "Enter Current Password"

Your BIOS password can be reset.

Formatting your computer is a good way to start over when your computer has all kinds of bugs and problems or a virus. Of course, formatting a computer can be done for a number of reasons. However, if you want to format your computer and it asks you for a password, you are kind of stuck. In most cases this should only happen if you have a password set on your BIOS. If you don't know or have forgotten the password you can easily maneuvere around this.


1. Open the computer case. Unscrew the case door from the back of the case using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the access door. You may have to push a button or a release to remove the door.

2. Find the BIOS jumper. Pull out the small metal pins on the jumper near the CMOS battery, which is about the size of a nickel. Pull out this jumper and restart the computer. Shut down the computer for a few moments after restarting and put the jumper back in place. This will clear the BIOS settings including any passwords.

3. Insert a Windows operating system CD in the CD or DVD drive. Restart the computer and follow the on screen instructions to install Windows. When the CD asks where to install Windows, choose your hard drive and then choose the option to "Format" the drive. Shut down the computer after formatting and Windows will now be installed.

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