Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Replace A 2800 64 Amd Athlon Bit In Pin Processor

Replacing the processor will increase your comptuer's speed.

Replacing a processor is an inexpensive method of quickly improving your computer's performance without resorting to replacing the entire computer system. An outdated processor will result in slow speeds if you are using cutting edge software. If your computer currently has an AMD Athlon 2800 64-bit processor, you can remove the unit and replace it with a faster model. The processor is connected to a socket on the computer's motherboard that can be reached by removing the computer's side panel.


1. Shut down your computer and disconnect its power cable. Unplug any other cables connected to the ports on the front and back of the computer's case. Position the computer case on a flat work surface with the left side facing up.

2. Unlock the side panel from the case. The method for unlocking the panel will vary between computer models. You will need to push in a release button, pull up a plastic latch or remove case screws with your fingers or a Phillips screwdriver.

3. Slide the side panel off your computer's case. Locate the fan and heat sink assembly positioned over the Athlon 2800 processor.

4. Unplug the cable that runs from the processor fan to the small port on the motherboard. Pull back the clips holding the fan in place.

5. Pull the fan and heat sink assembly upward and set it outside of the computer case. Do not directly touch the bottom end of the heat sink to avoid contaminating it with oils from your fingers.

6. Lift up the retention arm on the top end of the processor's socket to unlock the Athlon processor. Grip two edges of the processor and lift it upward off the motherboard socket.

7. Check the location of the pins on the bottom side of the replacement processor. Line up the pins with the holes on the motherboard's socket. Push the new processor down into place on the socket.

8. Position the heat sink and fan assembly over the new processor. Snap the retention clips into place and connect the fan's motherboard cable.

9. Reassemble the side panel and plug in the computer's cables. Turn on the computer.

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