Thursday, 19 March 2015

Use Phoenix Award Bios Flash Tool

Use Phoenix Award BIOS Flash Tool

Your computer's BIOS ("Basic Input Output System") is a piece of software stored on a ROM chip on your motherboard. It loads when the computer first boots up, and tells the computer do basic things like interact with the keyboard, monitor, and hard drives. Winflash is a windows based utility for upgrading Phoenix Award BIOS software. Using Winflash, upgrade your BIOS without using floppy disks or complicated DOS commands.


1. Go to your motherboard manufacturer's download page, find your motherboard model and download the new BIOS. Be sure you are downloading the correct BIOS, because flashing the wrong BIOS to your motherboard can make your computer unbootable. The file will probably be compressed, so unzip it.

2. Run Winflash. The software should show a block diagram of your BIOS chip, and a set of options on the left side.

3. Click the boxes on the left hand side to select the options "Bootblock," "DMI Area" and "Clear CMOS."

4. Click "File" and then "Open." Select the BIOS file you downloaded, and open it.

5. Click "File" again, and this time select "Update BIOS." Click "Update" on the screen that appears to update the BIOS. Sometimes, before the BIOS updates it will ask if you want to load a binary file. Select "No," and then update the BIOS.

6. Click "Reboot" at the prompt that appears when the BIOS is finished updating. Do not do anything while your BIOS is updating.

7. Enter the BIOS setup screen when your computer reboots. Clearing the CMOS reset your BIOS settings to default, so you must enter new settings. While your computer is booting, you will be prompted with a key to press to enter setup. The exact key will vary with your BIOS version. Press the designated key and enter setup, then configure your BIOS however you want.

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