Friday, 20 March 2015

Improve Math Csap Scores

The state of Colorado developed the Colorado Student Assessment Program to monitor student development and academic progress each year. Students in third through tenth grade are required to complete the CSAP test each year. The test includes materials on math, reading, writing and science. It is the responsibility of the teacher as well as the parents to monitor a child's educational progress after the test is completed and throughout the school year.


1. Schedule to meet with the child's teacher in order to review the CSAP test scores. According to, it is important for the teacher and the parents to devise a plan to work on improving the student's math skills. The teacher can obtain copies of the current as well as past CSAP scores in order to determine where specific weaknesses exist.

2. Purchase a selection of math workbooks that can be used at home for the child to receive extra practice for math problems that have proven to be difficult. According to the Colorado Department of Education, CSAP preparation must be done throughout the school year in class and at home.

3. Confirm that the math curriculum being used in the school is meeting the state's education standards. According to the Colorado Department of Education, if the teacher follows the education standards for the particular grade level, the students will be better prepared to take the CSAP exam. Teachers should inform students and parents about CSAP practice sessions that will be held at the school or another location before the actual test date.

4. Locate websites that allow children to practice CSAP math questions online. The Study Island is an example of a structured environment where children can practice CSAP questions.

5. Get plenty of rest in the final few days leading up to the test. Your physical regimen, including diet and sleeping habits, will affect your mental acuity. Sleep regularly and spend an hour each day reviewing test material.

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