Monday, 30 March 2015

Install 2 Pci Videos

Installing two PCI video cards can bring your video performance to a higher level. Two video cards increase the overall video RAM and processing speed significantly. They also allow you to integrate the running of two monitors from one computer. When installing the cards, you must cross-check compatibility. One simple way of preventing compatibility issues is by purchasing video card packages, which contain two of the same brand card that run in harmony.


1. Turn off your computer completely. Remove the power plug. Unplug USB devices, keyboard, mouse, monitor or printers. Put the computer case on a table or somewhere comfortable to access. Keep the room well lit or use a flashlight to help see inside the case. Remove the computer casing by unscrewing and sliding the side panel off. Remove any static electricity by touching a metal surface or object before touching internal parts.

2. Move the internal cables aside so you can freely access your computers PCI slots. If you have a previous video card to remove, unscrew the mounting brackets and monitor cable. Slide out the video card and place it aside. Insert the first video card into a PCI slot and screw in the mounting brackets. Make sure there is enough room between the two PCI cards so that they both fit inside the computer. Insert the second PCI card and screw the mounting brackets into place.

3. Put the side panel back onto the computer and screw it into place. Reconnect all peripheral cables and power cable. Connect the monitor cable into the back of the new PCI video card. If you are running dual monitors, plug one monitor cable into each video card. Turn the computer on and allow the operating system to completely load.

4. Insert the drivers CD that came with your video cards. Allow the installation setup to automatically load. Follow the steps to complete the installation. Restart your computer and allow your operating system to load.

5. Click "Start," "Control Panel," "Appearance and Personalization," "Display." Select the first monitor box and pick one of the PCI cards as the default card from the drop-down menu. Select the second monitor box and assign it to the other PCI card. If you are not running dual monitors, you will not need to do this step.

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