Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Replace An Ml2510 Toner Fuse

The Samsung ML-2510 is a monochrome personal laser printer intended for homes and small offices. The printer is compact, which makes it ideal if you do not have extra space. In time, the toner fuse can blow out and cause error messages or the toner not to work. In the Samsung ML-2510, the fuses are housed in the front right side of the printer. You can change the fuse in a few minutes.


1. Consult your owner's manuals to find the make and model of your toner. If you do not have the toner's owner's manual, you can go to the manufacturer's website and find the make and model.

2. Unscrew the screws at each corner of the toner case and slide it off. There will be four screws that need to be removed. Set the screws aside so you don't lose them.

3. Find the fuse panel inside the toner. The fuse in the ML-2510 is 250mAh and approximately 3/4-inch long with metal ends. It is housed in round glass and is usually on the front right side of the printer. Consult the owner's manual for instructions on where to find the fuse panel if you are having problems. If you don't have the owner's manual, consult the manufacturer's website. Grab the fuse with your fingers and gently pull it out. Place the new fuse into the socket by gently pushing it in.

4. Put the toner case back on. Make sure you align the screws correctly and screw them back in tightly.

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