Monday, 23 March 2015

Take Apart A Toshiba U405

Laptop repairs are seldom cheap. In fact, most computer repair shops charge about twice as much to work on laptops as they do when repairing desktop computers. Even minor laptop repairs can run as much as $100 to $200. If you have a Toshiba U405 computer that is having problems, you can save a considerable amount of money by performing repairs yourself. In most cases, repairing a laptop simply involves replacing a defective component. Therefore, knowing disassemble your U405 laptop is the biggest part of the task.


1. Shut down the Toshiba U405 laptop. Disconnect the AC power adapter if connected. Unplug Remove all other peripherals from the laptop. Close the LCD display screen.

2. Flip the U405 over so that laptop is facing bottom side up. Unlock the battery latch by sliding it to left into the "unlocked" position. Hold the latch open as you slide the battery out of the slot on the bottom of the laptop.

3. Locate the slot cover with a small picture of a memory module on it. This is the memory/modem/Wi-Fi card slot cover. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the three retaining screws that secure the slot cover. Remove the slot cover and set it aside.

4. Use your fingers to push outward on the retaining clips that secure the memory module inside the slot. Press on the clips until the memory module pops up slightly. Avoid touching the metal contact edge of the memory module as you remove it from the laptop. Remove the second memory module in the same manner.

5. Disconnect the two antenna leads that connect the wireless mini-PCI card to the motherboard. Loosen and remove the two screws that secure the mini-PCI wireless card inside the slot. Remove the card from the laptop.

6. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw that secures the internal modem. Lift up on the modem and disconnect the cable. Remove the modem and set it aside.

7. Locate and remove the two retaining screws for the hard drive cover. The retaining screws for the hard drive cover have a picture of a small disk drive next to them. Remove the cover. Lift up on the hard drive and remove the ribbon cable. Remove the hard drive and set it aside.

8. Loosen and remove the retaining screw for the CD/DVD drive. Use a flathead screwdriver or awl to push the drive out of its slot. Remove the optical drive from the laptop.

9. Remove all remaining screws from the bottom of the U405 laptop. Set the screws aside in a separate container so they are not lost or mixed with screws removed from the slots or devices. Turn the laptop back over and open the display screen.

10. Use an awl or flathead screwdriver to pry up the keyboard edge cover above the top row of keys. Start at the right side of the keyboard bezel and work your way to the left with the awl or screwdriver. Remove the keyboard bezel from the laptop.

11. Loosen and remove the two retaining screws above the top row of keys. Raise the top edge of the keyboard until you can access the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the laptop motherboard. Disconnect the keyboard cable from the motherboard. Remove the keyboard from the Toshiba U405 and set it aside.

12. Loosen and remove the four screws that secure the metal cover on top of the laptop motherboard. Disconnect the three cable connectors visible through the metal cover.

13. Insert a thin awl or flathead screwdriver between the upper and lower pieces of the base assembly. Slowly move the awl or screwdriver along the crevice between the upper and lower base assembly pieces to disengage the plastic tab locks that hold them together. Work slowly to avoid breaking the plastic tabs.

14. Lift up on the upper half of the base assembly. Slide metal cover out from between the upper and lower halves of the base assembly.

15. Remove the two remaining screws that secure the motherboard inside the shell. Disconnect the video and network adapter cable. Unplug the cable from the power connector. Remove the motherboard from the laptop.

16. Replace the motherboard or other components in the U405 laptop as needed. Reassemble the unit by reversing the steps used to take it apart.

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