Friday, 13 March 2015

Find What Chipset My Computer Is

Having the computer's chipset information is helpful for upgrading.

Sometimes it is important to know the technical characteristics and capabilities of the chipset in your computer, particularly if you are adding new software, intend to upgrade your computer or need information about your CPU's specs. The path for finding the chipset information varies slightly depending on the installed Windows version.


XP and Vista

1. Click the "Start" button and go to "Control Panel."

2. Choose "See basic information about your computer" at the top or "System" at the bottom of the screen. Clicking either of those will bring you to the Device Manager window.

3. Scroll down the Device Manager list and find "Processors." Click the small "+" (plus sign) by the chip/CPU icon or the icon itself to show the chipset information in your computer.

Windows 7

4. Go to "Start" and click "Control Panel" on the list.

5. Select the "Device Manager" on the next screen.

6. Choose "Processors" under the Device Manager. Click on the processor icons to find out the individual chipset information. There are two chip icons for the dual-core machine, three chip icons for a triple-core computer, and so on. Click each chip icon to see if they are different in specs.

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