Thursday, 12 March 2015

Replace A Scythe Shuriken Fan

Scythe is a computer cooling solutions company. Scythe produces heat sinks and fans for a variety of computer devices including motherboard components, case fans, and CPU heat sink fans. The Scythe Shuriken is a heat sink and cooling fan combination unit. This unit supports Intel socket 775 CPUs, and all current versions of AMD CPUs. Fans wear out over time from standard use and require replacement. The Shuriken architecture makes fan replacement simple with no special skills or tools necessary.


1. Locate the two retaining wires on either side of the heat sink. These retaining wires wrap around the heat sink and clip into the fan.

2. Unclip the retaining wires from the cooling fan. The fan is held in place by a small dent portion of the wire that is slid into the fan body. Simply removing the bent end of each wire releases the fan.

3. Pull the fan straight up and away from the heat sink.

4. Unplug the fan from the motherboard fan power header.

5. Plug the replacement fan into the motherboard fan power header.

6. Lay the new fan on the heat sink in the same orientation of the previous fan.

7. Wrap the retaining wires around the fan, and click-in the retaining edge of the wire to hold the fan in place.

8. Gently apply pressure to each side of the fan to ensure that it is firmly held in place.

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