Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Replace The Northbridge Chipset Fan On An Msi Ms7135 Motherboard

The chipsets on the MSI MS-7135 direct communication between the components inside of the computer. The northbridge chipset works with the processor, RAM and graphics card. Since the northbridge consumes a lot of power, it can generate a lot of heat. A fan helps to keep the component cool and prevent it from overheating. If the northbridge fan on the MSI MS-7135 is defective or is not dissipating heat well enough, you can install a new fan in its place.


1. Shut down the computer, disconnect the power cable and remove all components connected to the back of the case.

2. Put on an antistatic wrist strap to protect the motherboard and northbridge from electrostatic discharge. Open the computer and unplug all cables connected to the MSI MS-7135 motherboard.

3. Uninstall all expansion cards and memory modules. Loosen and remove the screws securing the motherboard to the case.

4. Remove the MSI MS-7135 from the case. Locate the northbridge chipset fan, located next to the processor.

5. Turn the board around to find the bottoms of the pushpins securing the northbridge fan. Grasp the bottom of the pushpins with needle-nose pliers and slip them out of their holes.

6. Twist the fan back and forth to loosen the thermal paste adhering the fan to the chipset. Lift up and remove the fan.

7. Swab the top of the northbridge with rubbing alcohol to clean off the thermal paste. Wipe off the residue with a dry antistatic cloth.

8. Reapply fresh thermal paste to the top of the northbridge. Insert the pushpins into the holes on the new northbridge fan.

9. Place the fan on top of the northbridge. Push down each pin into the hole to secure the fan to the motherboard. Plug the fan into NBFAN1, found next to the PCI Express slots. Reassemble the computer following replacement.

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