Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Get A Bios To Recognize The Hdd

Internal hard drives are used by personal computer to store its operating system and other programs. If you find that your computer cannot recognize its own hard drive, you likely need to reconfigure your computers BIOS so it can load the operating system off of the drive.


1. Turn your computer on. Press the key on your keyboard that starts your computer's BIOS program as the computer is booting up. This key will differ depending on what kind of computer you have. For example, if you are using a Dell, you must press the "F2" key while the computer is booting to enter the BIOS program.

2. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the "Primary Hard Drive" option in the BIOS program's main menu.

3. Press the "Space" bar to change this option to "Hard Drive." Press the "Esc" button to exit the BIOS program.

4. Select the "Save and Exit BIOS Menu" option to save your changes. Your computer will now recognize the hard drive.

Tags: BIOS program, computer booting, Hard Drive, hard drive, operating system