Friday, 20 March 2015

Improve Quad Core Performance

Improve Quad Core Performance

Quad core processors are the fastest processors on the market today. They easily outperform the dual-core processors and single-core processors. They are powerful to run any programs available on the market. However, if you still want to boost the performance of your quad core processor, there are ways many to do it. The most popular and effective way of boosting quad core performance is by overclocking.


1. Power up your computer. Wait a few seconds for the start up screen to show up. It is a screen that shows all the components that are connected to your motherboard in a list and in black and white. Press either the F1 key or the Delete key (depends on the manufacturer of the motherboard) to access the BIOS. In some computers the start up screen is not shown. If this is the case, press the Delete or F1 keys every second after you hit the power button.

2. Find the "Advanced Chipset Features" tab on the BIOS menu. Go to the "CPU Multiplier" feature and access it.

3. Look on the left side of the screen after you access the CPU multiplier; you will see the current multipliers that your quad core processor is operating at. Hit enter and a window will appear prompting you to type in a number. Type in a number that is one level higher than the current CPU multiplier; if the CPU multiplier is set to 8x, type in 9. Click F10 to apply the changes you made and press the reset button.

4. Download and install Prime 95 (See Resources). This program is made specifically to test your CPU by forcing it to operate at full capacity; that is its only purpose. Open Prime 95 and turn on "Torture Test." If your computer does not crash during this test, you can repeat this process again and again until it turns off. When your computer does shut down, go back to the CPU multiplier in the BIOS and change it back to the last stable multiplier. Click "F10" and restart your computer.

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