Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Take A Motherboard Out Of A Dell Optiplex Gx115

Dell's Optiplex GX115 is a mid-size, tower-based computer with a few manufacturing features that makes removing its motherboard slightly different from doing so in more standard PC designs. These features include a case which uses a pivot that allows for tool-free removal, and a removable PC card expansion cage that lets you separate installed expansion cards from the motherboard, without removing the cards individually. Combined, these features speed up the removal process, allowing you quick access to the motherboard for speedy removal and replacements.


1. Unplug the power cord from the rear of the computer case. Unplug any peripheral cables, including speakers, keyboard and mouse cables, and the video card cable.

2. Press the small, case cover release button located on the front of the case at the bottom-left corner. Lift the bottom of the left case cover upward, pivoting it at the top-center of the case to open the case. Pull the top of the case cover at the pivot point away from the case body to remove the case cover entirely.

3. Locate the power supply at the top rear of the case. Press the "Release" tab on the power supply, then rotate the power supply upward until it makes a soft clicking sound, indicating that it's locked into place. Unplug all of the power leads running from the power supply to the motherboard from the motherboard. Remove the power leads from any expansion cards as well.

4. Locate the expansion cage at the bottom of the computer containing all of the PC expansion cards. Pull the expansion cage securing level at the base of the cage toward the case opening, until it sticks out from the cage at a 90-degree angle. Slide the entire expansion cage with the cards still installed from the case.

5. Remove the Phillips-head screw holding the motherboard in place against the side of the case. Slide the board toward the front of the case, until it no longer moves in that direction. Pull the board carefully from the case.

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