Monday, 23 March 2015

Replace A Cooling Fan On A Sony Vaio Laptop

As the size of laptops shrink while their internal technology grows more powerful, cooling the delicate computing systems has become more difficult. While the causes of Sony Vaio laptops overheating vary, design problems may lead cooling fans to clog and jam from excessive dust and debris build-up. To prevent this, clean and test your fan before moving forward with more extensive repairs. If the problem persists, the fan is likely faulty, so replacement of the unit must be done to ensure proper functioning.


1. Shut down your Vaio, then unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery.

2. Remove the panel screws on the sides and top of the computer.

3. Slide the top panel (above the keyboard and below the screen) to the left and gently lift it.

4. Release the keyboard by removing the screw in the middle of the area, which is visible after taking the top panel off.

5. Lift the keyboard up and set it to the side.

6. Remove all visible screws on the plate beneath the keyboard.

7. Lift the plating off and set it aside.

8. Remove the screws holding the cooling fan in place. The number of screws may vary, but expect to remove at least two.

9. Push up the two connectors holding the cooling fan in place and set the fan to the side.

10. Connect the two connectors to the cooling fan and slide it into place. Reverse the previous steps to reconstruct the computer and finish the installation of the new fan into your Sony Vaio.

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