Thursday, 19 March 2015

Setup Dual Video Cards In Linux

Dual video cards will allow your computer to split the work in displaying graphical images between the two CPUs embedded in the cards, improving framerate and image quality. Setting up dual video cards on your Linux machine necessitates only that you have the appropriate drivers installed. These are readily available from the manufacturer company for your graphics cards, either ATI or Nvidia.


1. Navigate to the website of your video card manufacturer.

2. Click on the "Support" page and click on the option for "Drivers."

3. Select your model of video card from the drop down list and select "Linux" as your operating system.

4. Download the latest driver for your card (the file with the highest version number).

5. Double-click on the downloaded driver to begin the install process.

6. Select the "Install" button and select the option to enable "SLI" (for Nvidia cards) or "Crossfire" (for ATI cards). This will enable your dual video cards to work in tandem.

7. Reboot your computer when the installation is complete.

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