Friday, 13 November 2015

Use Msi Mflash

Use MSI M-Flash

MSI, or Micro-Star International, a Taiwan-based company established in 1986, manufactures motherboards, graphics cards and other computer hardware. Every motherboard part of the MSI AM3 series and every motherboard in the MSI Eclipse series built with an X58 chipset features M-Flash technology.

M-Flash technology allows a user to conveniently flash, or upgrade, the BIOS from the CMOS Setup Utility. M-Flash can also backup a user's BIOS to a flash drive, allowing the user to restore the system in case the BIOS becomes damaged.


Backup BIOS

1. Connect a USB flash drive to your computer. Turn on the computer and press the key as shown on the screen to go to the CMOS Setup Utility.

2. Use the arrow keys to select "M-Flash." Press "Enter" to open the menu. Scroll to "Save File to Selected Device."

3. Use the "+" and "-" keys to choose a backup folder. Press "Enter." Scroll to "Start to save file." Press "Enter."

4. Highlight "OK" if the message "The filename already exist. Overwrite it?" appears. Press "Enter."

5. Highlight "OK" if the message "ROM Image has been saved to media successfully" appears. Press "Enter." Press "Esc" to exit from the BIOS.

Update BIOS

6. Insert a flash drive into a USB port. Go to the MSI website (see the Resources). Click "Downloads."

7. Select your product information from the menus located beneath the heading "Manually Download."

8. Select "BIOS" from the options. Save the latest BIOS revision to your computer. Double-click the ZIP file to view its contents.

9. Drag-and-drop the files onto your flash drive. Restart your computer. Press the key as shown on the boot screen to go to the CMOS Setup Utility.

10. Use the arrow keys to highlight "M-Flash." Press "Enter" to open the menu. Go to "M-Flash function as."

11. Use the "+" and "-" keys to change the value from "Disabled" to "BIOS Update." Press "Enter." The MSI motherboard will detect the BIOS update on your USB flash drive.

12. Select the latest BIOS update saved to your flash drive. Press "Enter."

13. Select "I want flash BIOS." Press "Enter" and the MSI BIOS will automatically update your BIOS to the latest revision. The computer will restart after flashing the BIOS.

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