Thursday, 10 September 2015

Fix A Burnt Motherboard On A Ps3

The PlayStation 3 is a next generation gaming console, and is much more advanced than old arcade games.

Video gaming consoles are complicated pieces of machinery, and taking them apart to repair them can often result in breaking them, as well as voiding the warranty on the machine. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is no exception. A common issue with all PS3s, is their motherboards can burn out. If this happens, the PS3 must be sent into Sony in order to fix the console as soon as possible.


Sending the PS3 in for Repair

1. Find and write down the model number of the PS3. This can be found on the rear of the console, underneath the barcode on a white sticker. The last 7 or 9 numbers are the model number.

2. Find and write down the serial number of the PS3. The serial number can be found on the same sticker as the model number, found at the rear of the device. The first eleven characters after the word "Serial" are the unit's serial number.

3. Go to the Sony repair website and submit an online service request to have the PS3 repaired. Fill in all pertinent details, stating the reason for repair as a burnt out motherboard, and pay for the fees associated with having the console repaired.

4. Follow the instructions given to ship the PS3 to Sony for repair. These details will differ based on the location and warranty of the console.

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