Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Make Your Cpu Run Faster

You can overclock your computer's CPU to make it run faster.

In computer architecture, a clock is a periodic electrical signal used as a time reference by other circuits. Modern motherboards allow the CPU to run at a variety of clock frequencies, configurable by the user through the Basic Input/Output System. Your CPU will run faster when you increase the frequency of the CPU clock. CPU clock frequency is specified as a multiple of the computer's bus clock frequency. Because it is advisable to leave the bus clock frequency unmodified, you should increase the CPU clock frequency by increasing the multiplier.


1. Launch the BIOS configuration utility by rebooting the computer, then pressing the appropriate key on the keyboard during the initial screen in the boot process. The specific way of performing this step depends on the motherboard. For example, for an Asus M3A78-T motherboard, keep "Delete" pressed at the initial screen until you launch the BIOS setup utility.

2. Find out the current frequency of your CPU clock and make a note of it. For example, for an M3A78-T, select the "Main" option in the BIOS setup utility, then select "System Information." The frequency of the CPU clock will be under the "Speed:" heading.

3. Enable manual control of the CPU multiplier. For example, for an M3A78-T, select the "Advanced" option in the main menu of the BIOS setup utility. Select "CPU Configuration," then set "AI Overclocking" to "Manual."

4. Increase the current value of the CPU multiplier by the smallest amount allowed by the BIOS configuration utility. For example, for an M3A78-T, scroll down to the "Processor Frequency Multiplier" option and press "+" to change the value. Press the "Down" arrow key once to select the next larger multiplier (0.5 larger than the current one). Press "Enter." Press "F10" to save the current BIOS settings and reboot the computer.

5. Use the computer as you normally do. If the system is unstable (random crashes, or error messages from input/output devices) decrease the multiplier by one step. If the system is stable, continue increasing until you find the largest multiplier you can use on your system.

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