Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Install An Intel Socket 478 Heatsink

Installing an Intel 478 heatsink is a relatively quick and simple process.

Older Intel processors, like the Intel Pentium 4, were seated in a socket referred to as "478." Due to the unique properties of the processor, a unique kind of heatsink is required to properly cool the CPU. Installing one of these 478 heatsinks is not overly difficult and should take the typical computer user only a few minutes to install. Of course, times will vary depending on the individual.


Installing the retention mechanism

1. Power off your PC and disconnect the power cable leading to your computer's power source.

2. Slide the side panel to the rear of your tower until it pops. Once popped, lift the panel away and place it to the side. Now rest your tower on its other side to give you easier access to the interior of the tower.

3. Remove the white pushpins from the black retention mechanism and insert the black fasteners.

4. Align the fasteners to the holes in the motherboard and push down once aligned. The fasteners will pop into place.

5. Push the white pushpins into the hole on the tops of the black fasteners to secure the retention mechanism into place.

Installing the heatsink

6. Open the socket hatch by lifting the handle upwards and insert the CPU into the socket so that both the "Pin One" on the processor and "Pin One" on the socket align. Once done, close the hatch.

7. Apply a few drops of thermal silver compound to the top of the CPU.

8. Align the heatsink so that the center is aligned with the processor.

9. Lower the heatsink onto the processor and retention mechanism so that the four corners of the heatsink lock into place with the retention mechanism.

10. Push down the side levers on the heatsink to secure it to the retention mechanism. If necessary, connect any fan cables to the motherboard. Otherwise, you are done.

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