Monday, 7 September 2015

Upgrade An Intel Chipset Video Card On A Laptop

The video card in a laptop computer is an integrated chip on the motherboard that requires the use of a software driver. Upgrading the Intel video chipset for your laptop is done by updating the graphics driver. Before you can update the driver, however, you first must verify that your laptop does in fact have an Intel chipset. You can then update the driver by using the Intel Driver Update Utility.


Verify Intel Chipset

1. Go to the Intel Download Center website using the link in the Resources section below. Scroll down and click the first link for the "Intel Chipset Identification Utility."

2. Click the "Download" button on the right side of the page. Accept the license terms and click the "Save File" button. Save the downloaded file to your desktop.

3. Double-click the "ChipUtil.exe" file on your desktop to run the program. The utility will verify whether you have an Intel chipset installed on your laptop. If so, click the "Exit" button to close the verification utility and go on to the next Section.

Use Intel Driver Update Utility

4. Go to the Intel Driver Update Utility website (see Resources). Click the "Check your system for the latest updates" button.

5. Click "Run" and then click "Install." Wait for the utility to finish scanning your system.

6. Click the "+" sign next to "Graphics Driver" and click "Download Now." When the file dialog box opens, click the "Save" button and save the file to your desktop.

7. Double-click on the downloaded file to update the graphics driver on your system.

8. Restart your system, if prompted, to complete the Intel video chipset upgrade.

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