Monday, 14 September 2015

Install Ati Radeon And Disable Intel

When you install a separate graphics card on an Intel motherboard with integrated graphics, you may encounter a situation where the onboard video card attempts to override the ATI Radeon graphics card. Disabling the onboard video card prevents interference from it and allows you to use the ATI Radeon card and all of its features.


1. Click "Start" and type "devmgmt.msc" in Windows search bar. Double-click the entry matching this file when it appears in the results. The Device Manager launches.

2. Expand the entry next to "Display Adapters."

3. Right-click the listing for the Intel integrated graphics card and choose "Properties." Take the check-mark out of the box labeled "Exists in all hardware profiles." Restart your computer. Open Device Manager once your computer boots and return to the properties page for the Intel. Check the box named "Disabled in this hardware profile." Shut down your computer.

4. Remove the power cable, monitor cable and any peripherals attached to your computer. Remove the computer case cover by unscrewing any fastening screws on the back of your case, or depressing a release button or latch. Wait several minutes for your computer to cool down.

5. Locate the proper interface port for your ATI Radeon card. ATI Radeon cards may be designed for AGP, PCI, or PCI-E slots. You can match the length of the metal interface tab on the graphics card to the length of the interface slot to determine the proper slot to insert the card into. Remove the metal plate at the back of the slot.

6. Slide the ATI Radeon into the slot. Depress the locking lever if your port has one. Screw the ATI Radeon into the back of the case. Locate a loose power cable and insert it into the power port on the card. Close the case and reconnect all cables.

7. Boot your computer up. Open your Internet browser and navigate to AMD's ATI driver site. Select your product and the operating system, and complete the other requested fields to find the proper download. Save the driver download to your computer.

8. Double-click the downloaded file. Click "Install." Choose "Next" and click "Install." Click "Express" and click "Next." Click "Accept." Click "Finish." The ATI drivers are completely installed. Restart your computer and your ATI Radeon should be fully operational.

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