Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tell A Bad Pentium 4 Processor

Tell a Bad Pentium 4 Processor

A Pentium 4 processor is a central processing unit (CPU) designed by the Intel corporation. If your computer is not turning on, you will need to isolate the problem to determine whether your Pentium 4 processor is bad. Troubleshooting boot problems is one of the most difficult things to do, because often your computer will not turn on. Your computer's BIOS contains an error-checking utility that runs during POST. If your computer's core components are registering errors, you will hear a series of beeps telling you what the problem is.


1. Turn on your computer and listen for the beep or series of beeps. If your processor is reporting an error at start-up, you will hear more than the normal one beep.

2. Write down the number of beeps you hear. You may hear several beeps in a row or a series of beeps. The number or series of beeps will tell you whether your problem is your Pentium 4 processor.

3. Consult your computer's user manual to learn what the beeps mean. Your manual will have a section labeled "POST Error Reporting," which will explain the different beeps. A common response for a processor error is five consecutive beeps. How your computer reports beeps will vary depending on which version of BIOS you have.

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