Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Replace A Motherboard

Replacing a motherboard takes a moderate understanding of how the components in your computer are assembled. Before replacing the motherboard, back up all your information to ensure it won't get lost, and go to your motherboard's manufacturer to download any updated drivers that may need to be installed after you install the new motherboard. This will help ensure that changing your motherboard is a success.


1. Unplug all power sources to your computer, and remove the casing from your computer. Set aside all screws and small pieces in a bowl so nothing will get lost.

2. Remove all the connectors to the motherboard. This may be your video card, data cables from the hard drives and adapters. Label each one before removing so you can remember exactly where they will attach on your new motherboard.

3. Take out the old motherboard carefully by removing the screws and sliding it out. There is generally little clearance on the sides of the motherboard, so use caution when removing it so nothing gets broken.

4. Compare the new and old motherboards to ensure they're the same. If the new motherboard has cut-outs for integrated sound or game ports, punch out the holes so the wires can fit through them. Do this carefully with a Phillips-head screwdriver or pliers.

5. Place the new motherboard in the case. Double-check to make sure it lines up properly in the computer case before connecting it. Use the seven screws that are included to install the motherboard.

6. Attach the adapters, drives and power connectors to the new motherboard. Locate where you labeled everything before, and install them in the exact same places.

7. Put the computer case back on and turn the power supply back on. If the computer doesn't start up properly, remove the case and double-check to ensure that all the adapters, drives and power supply cords are in the correct position and are tightened securely.

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