Monday, 28 September 2015

Modify An Xbox Live Gamertag

If you do not like the Xbox Live gamertag you currently have, you can modify and customize it. Gamertags are shown when other people on Xbox Live want to look at your profile. Therefore, you might want your gamertag to stand out to other players online. There are no gameplay benefits of changing your gamertag and so this is not a necessary step, but purely for customization sake.


1. Sign in to Xbox LIVE with your gamertag.

2. Select "My Xbox," followed by your name and select "Change Gamertag." Select "Enter New Gamertag" and type a new name. Select "Yes, Use This Gamertag" when you're done. Changing your gamertag after initial setup costs 800 Microsoft Points.

3. Select "Customize Avatar" to change your gamertag avatar. There are various customization options including features, style, picture, that you can select and change if you want. Select "Save and Exit" when you are finished changing your gamertag avatar.

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