Friday, 11 September 2015

Master Reset A Toshiba A105

Resetting a computer deletes all personal files.

Steps for flashing the BIOS or "master resetting" a Toshiba A105 are not listed in the owner's manual because Toshiba expects you to purchase the Utility discs for reinstalling the operating system to complete the reset. However, if you simply want to restore the Toshiba A105 to its factory settings, and you have not experienced a major Windows corruption, completing the reset through the Recovery utility is an easy and quick way to accomplish the task.


1. Restart the Toshiba A105, and while it is in the process of rebooting, hold down the zero ("0") key until the Toshiba Hard-Drive Recovery Utility screen appears.

2. Press the one ("1") key on the keypad to select "Restore Factory Settings."

3. Left-click with your mouse on the "Yes" icon to start the factory reset. Expect the reset to take several minutes. Do not turn the computer off while completing the reset.

4. Click any button to complete a reboot when prompted. Expect the reboot to take longer than usual.

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