Friday, 18 September 2015

Make The Best Audio Recording On A Computer

Audio-Technica Microphone

Do you want clean, clear audio recordings on your computer? Are you tired of fuzzy and uneven recordings? In this article, we will discuss use the proper hardware and software to make the best audio recording on a computer.


1. Begin investigating and shopping for a good microphone for your recordings. When deciding on this, there are many things you must take into consideration. The better decibel maximums on the microphone, the clearer your recordings will be. Also, check and see if the microphone has distance recording features.

2. Begin setting up the microphone on your computer. If it has any audio software with it, you may want to install it. Also, you will want to make sure to go into control panel and calibrate the microphone. Do a good job with this, as it will drastically affect the performance of your microphone.

3. Test the microphone by making a small recording with the Windows sound recorder. If the recording is crisp and clear, you should be ready to go. If it is not, then you should consider recalibrating or choosing an alternate microphone.

4. Install a sound recording program on your computer. If you wish to pay for professional software, there are hundreds of titles available in stores and online. However, if you would be satisfied with free software, there are many programs that you can find online. On of these is Audacity (see Resources below).

5. Perform your recordings. The best audio quality will be attained when using mid-level settings and other recording enhancers such as audio anti-clipping and smoothing.

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