Thursday, 24 September 2015

Make Your Own Usb Hub With A Pci Usb Controller

Rather than installing an external hub, use an open PCI slot to add more USB ports.

Adding a USB hub to your computer will give you more USB connections so you can plug in your cameras, flash drives, hard drives and other devices all at the same time. There are various ways to add a USB hub to a computer, most notably an external hub. However, using a PCI hub will help your computer retain its stock feel as the PCI card fits into one of the open slots on the rear of the computer tower.


1. Turn your computer off completely and unplug its power connection. This will help you avoid any electric shock to the computer's motherboard.

2. Locate the screws or tabs that hold the case onto the computer's tower. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws and remove the case. If there are tabs present, push them in to release the case.

3. Locate the PCI card slots on the bottom rear portion of the computer tower. Unscrew the PCI card cover with the screwdriver and remove it.

4. Insert the PCI USB hub into the connection points next to where you removed the PCI cover. Using the screws you removed to get the PCI cover off, secure the PCI USB hub in place.

5. Place the case back onto the tower and secure it using the removed screws or push the tabs back into place. Plug the power cable back into the computer and turn it on. The USB hub will be recognized by the computer as it boots up and the drivers will install automatically. You can now plug USB devices into the hub.

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