Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Make Your Own Computer Wallpaper Program

Creating your own wallpaper with Windows 7's Paint.

Windows 7 allows you to use almost any picture as your desktop wallpaper, but customizing the pictures requires a little more effort. Luckily, Windows 7 also includes a good, although basic, graphics program called "Paint" that allows you to modify or create images. It also allows you set the newly created or modified image as the desktop wallpaper without ever leaving the program.


1. Click "Start," type "Paint" and press Enter on your keyboard to open the Paint program.

2. Click the downward triangle at the top-left of the Paint window. There is a document icon to its left with a blue background. Click "Open" and navigate to the image you'd like to modify. Double-click the image to open it. You don't have to start with an image, you can make a simple graphic from scratch, if you prefer.

3. Examine your tools. Under the "Home" tab, there are "Crop," "Resize" and "Rotate" options that allow you to alter the image attributes. You also have six tools, such as a drawing tool, fill tool, text tool, eraser, eyedropper and magnifying glass. The "Brushes" option changes the brush characteristics. You also can add varying premade shapes, change brush size and add different colors.

The text tool is especially useful for wallpapers, because it allows you to add custom text messages on your images. Maybe you want to post an inspirational quote, the name of a business or simply annotate the image. Clicking the "A" under "Tools" and then clicking the somewhere on the image will place a text box where you can enter your text. At the top, there will be options to change font and size.

4. Click the top-left triangle again when you're done. Click "Save as" and choose a file format. Although any format will work, JPG will result in smaller image sizes and is more suitable for photos. GIF is optimized for graphics with relatively few colors, so if you created your own graphic without using an existing photo, GIF is probably your best choice. Once chosen, enter a name and location to save the image.

5. Click the top-left triangle again and choose "Set as desktop wallpaper." You will then choose between the options "Fill," "Tile" or "Center." "Fill" will stretch the image to fill your entire desktop. "Tile" will repeat the image over your entire desktop. "Center" will center the image in the middle of your screen.

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