Thursday, 24 September 2015

Set Up A Harmony Remote For Htpc

The Harmony remote is a line of universal remotes produced by Logitech that allows the owner to program many different devices into the device's memory. The Harmony remote can be programmed to work with different brands of home theater PCs (HTPCs) that you may have connected to your home theater system, allowing you complete control over your media. The Harmony utilizes a software program that you will need to install on your computer to set up different devices, including your HTPC. Once you have the program installed, the onscreen instructions will guide you through the setup process.


1. Open the browser on your computer and go to the My Harmony website (see Resource). Click on the "Set Up My Harmony" to begin the setup process. You will need to enter in the information on the next screen to set up a Harmony account and click the "Next" button when all the fields are filled in. Follow the instructions on the next screen to set up the Harmony software on your computer.

2. Open the Harmony software once it is installed. Your name should appear on the first screen welcoming you. Click "Next" on this page and the next to continue to the page where you will program the HTPC.

3. Insert the manufacturer name and the model number for your HTPC in the fields on this screen. If you are not sure of the manufacturer of the model of your device, refer to the owner's manual that came with the equipment. This information must be correct to program your device. When you are finished entering in this information, click the "Add" button. A screen will appear asking you to verify the information is correct. Click "Yes" if it is or "No" to change it.

4. Click "Yes" on the next screen if you want to add another device. You will need to enter in the manufacturer and model number of each device. If you do not want to add another device, click "No" to finish.

5. Use the USB cable that came with your Harmony remote to connect the remote to the computer. Click on the "Sync Remote" button to begin the synchronization process. A screen will appear with a progress bar. When the sync is complete a congratulations screen will appear. Click on the "OK" button and disconnect the remote from the USB cable.

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