Thursday, 3 September 2015

Match Components When Building A Computer

More people these days want to build their own computer. When building a computer, you need to make sure that all of the components match. A computer won't run correctly if the components don't match. You can buy kits from computer companies, but when ordering these make sure that all of the components are included.


1. The first step is to choose a motherboard. Then select a CPU that is compatible to your motherboard.

2. Select RAM that is compatible with your motherboard. Make sure that the pin configuration matches.

3. Choose your power supply. Make sure you have enough video cards to support any games you may want to play.

4. You will want to choose a DVD player and recorder of the desired speed. Make sure you order any other disc drives that you will be using.

5. The next thing is to choose an Operating System. It is recommended that you use WindowsXP because Vista has not had all the bugs worked out.

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