Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Make A Cpu

Make a CPU

As anyone who has ever built a new computer knows, building the CPU can get complicated. Purchasing the actual board is easy, but there are so many things that need to be attached to it in order to make a computer function that the process can get overwhelming. While it will cost a little money and take some time, it is a completely manageable task. Use this article as a guide as you attempt to make a CPU.


1. Buy a motherboard. Generally purchased at a computer supply store or on the Internet, your motherboard will come pre-built with all the necessary ports for adding hardware, as well as your processor. You can select one with the right amount of hardware inputs based on what you know you will be adding to your computer.

2. Install your video card. There is a specific socket on the motherboard where the video card plugs into, and it can only plug in one way. Once in place, a latch pushes down and secures it in place. Once plugged in, the video card makes a connection with wires soldered onto the motherboard that put it into direct contact with the CPU.

3. Install your sound card. The sound card is the device that transfers computer data into audio information that can be understood by any headphones or speakers you use with your computer. It plugs into your motherboard in much the same way the video card does, and also has its own port.

4. Install the RAM. The RAM, or "Random Access Memory," are small chips designed to allow computer processes like your operating system or word processor to have enough memory to work. These chips plug into PCI slots that are connected directly to the CPU. Simply push them down into their slots and lock them into place by pushing down on the lever attached to the slot.

5. Add any optional hardware as you see fit. While you've just added the basic equipment required to make your processor work, you don't have to be done if you don't want to be. You can add additional hardware into open slots on your motherboard, like additional video or graphics cards or TV tuners, in order to use your computer in different ways.

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