Thursday, 3 September 2015

Make Pencil Holders With Pallet Sticks

If you keep misplacing or losing your pencils, make pencil holders with pallet sticks. Pallet sticks are used to mix paint on a pallet and are readily available at your local arts and crafts store. Instead of throwing them away, collect and reuse your pallet sticks. It is a fun activity for your class or children. Let them develop their creativity by decorating the pencil holders with paint and markers.


1. Measure the length of the pallet sticks using a ruler. In this example, assume the lengths of the pallet sticks are six inches.

2. Cut the top off a plastic water or juice bottle, using scissors or a utility knife. The remaining length of the bottle should be six inches.

3. Position the pallet sticks vertically around the exterior wall of the plastic bottle. The pallet sticks should be placed side by side. Continue until the exterior of the plastic bottle is covered.

4. Glue the back of the pallet sticks to the plastic bottle. Let the glue dry for four hours.

5. Decorate the outside of the pallet sticks, using paint and markers. Let the paint and markers dry for six hours. Insert pencils into the new pencil holder.

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