Friday, 11 September 2015

Order Checks From Chase Bank

You can order checks from Chase online.

There are two ways to replenish your Chase checkbook. If you signed up for online banking, you may order directly through Chase's website. If you don't bank online, you may still order your checks online, but you will have to do it through the vendor's website. Either way, it is an easy process.


1. Visit Chase's website if you are an online customer (see Resources). Log in to your online account, and click the tab labeled "Customer Center." Locate "Manage Account," and click "Checkbook Orders." From there, just follow the instructions.

2. Visit the Deluxe website if you are not an online Chase customer, and click "Reorder Deluxe checks online" (see Resources).

3. Fill in your routing and transit number. This is a series of numbers that identifies your bank; you can find it on the bottom, left portion of your check.

4. Fill in your account number. That is the series of numbers to the immediate right of the routing and transit number.

5. Fill in the starting check number for your new order. The check number is on the upper right of your check, as well as to the immediate right of your account number.

6. Enter your email address, and click "Continue."

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