Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mount An Antique Map

Many antique map owners like to mount their maps instead of framing them or storing them in alternative ways. Learn properly mount your map while considering heights and widths to show your map in the most pleasing manner.


1. Gather a pencil, an eraser, a sheet of paper, a ruler, dextrine glue, a brush, a ruler, a soft cutting board, new cutting devices that can be used to cut in 45 and 90 degree angles, and acid-free archival-quality mounting boards.

2. Measure your map's height and width. Add a fourth of an inch to the map's height and width. Write the map's measurements down on a sheet of paper.

3. Add 7 inches to the width. Add 7.5 inches to the height. Once you have calculated these measurements, you will have total width and height measurements with which to work.

4. Get your ruler. Lightly mark the total height and the total width areas of the antique map on the mounting board. Correct your markings with an eraser where necessary.

5. Lay your mounting board on the cutting board.

6. Get your 90 degree cutting device. Use it and your penciled markings to cut your mounting board to reflect the total height and total width measurements.

7. Use your 45 degree cutting device to make final, small corrections to the cut mounting board.

8. Grab your dextrine glue and brush.

9. Affix dextrine glue to the back of the antique map carefully.

10. Attach the antique map to the mounting board.

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