Thursday, 10 September 2015

Make A Laptop Dvd Player Regionfree

Laptops can be locked to only play DVDs from one region.

DVD players on PCs and Macs are typically locked to one region to prevent the playing of illegally imported DVDs. Travelers may be unable to view DVDs purchased locally because their laptops are locked to a different region. Fortunately, you can download unlock software from a number of websites.


1. Open your web browser and access the DVD Exploder website (see Resources). This website provides a comprehensive unlock guide. In the headers under the "Services" option, click on the "Region Free PC Software." You will receive step-by-step instructions to unlock your laptop DVD player, enabling it to play DVDs from all regions around the world. Users are required to register to use the unlock guide.

2. Navigate to the DVD Unlocker website (see Resources). Scroll down the page to "Check Out Our DVD Player List." Click on one of the first three options depending on whether you are using a Windows or a Mac operating system. Scroll down and click on the "Click HERE to buy now for just $9.95!" link. You will be directed through the payment process and given instructions to unlock your laptop.

3. Navigate to the All for MP3 website (see Resources) to access DVD Ghost. The software download will remove all restrictions on your DVD player while leaving the parameters and firmware of the player intact. Supported DVD software applications for the DVD Ghost include PowerDVD, WinDVD, Direct DVD, Microsoft Media Player and Ultra DVD. Scroll down the page and click on the "Tell me get the full version of DVD X Ghost!" You'll be redirected to the payment page. Complete the payment and registration form (the cost of the software is $39.95) and you will receive instructions for software installation.

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